01 / Introduction
Quorium monetizes in-ground assets, harnessing its inherent value against a stablecoin, offered to all. Quorium emerges as a catalyst for empowering nations and revolutionizing mining industries by advocating a paradigm shift towards ethical practices and transparency. Our mission is restoring wealth where it has been taken. Not only offering value with a stablecoin pegged against the ever-lasting value of gold, but ultimately changing the world for the better.

In addition, our stablecoin will offer a unique opportunity to hedge current portfolios, which are most often completely FIAT backed, without having the additional costs of holding valuable metals, like gold.
02 / problem statement
There is no current assurance that stablecoin issuers could redeem users' stablecoins in full and on demand. Existing stablecoins fail to satisfy the key criteria for operating as a secure store of value and a dependable method of payment in the real economy. In addition, none of current stablecoins has been able to always maintain parity with its peg. Quorium addresses this issue through its unique approach. An instrument called NI 43 101 ensures that misinformation of minerals cannot be spread. This instrument is double verified and audited, which is then put on the blockchain, ensuring a 1:1 peg.

Most assets are backed by FIAT. With the current market turmoil and uncertainty, FIAT backed assets can rapidly decrease in a time where the economy takes a hit. Gold is a proven hedge against FIAT backed assets. However, holding valuable metals are associated with high costs, therefore making it difficult to diversify portfolios.

Holding QGOLD has no costs, offering unique value to investors which has not been seen prior in this industry.

03 / key highlights
Minerals stay in the ground
Time effective
15 times as fast compared to bullion gold on average
Cost effective
No costs for holding QGOLD
Environmental responsibility
04 / how it works
Step 1.
Land survey
Step 2.
NI 43 101
Step 3.
Asset backed
Step 4.
Restore wealth, preserve earth.
Step 5.
05 / Key benefits
7.8% ROI past 2 decades
Hedge against portfolio
24/7 trading
Easy transactions
06 / Target audience
Audience type 1
All Crypto Users
Quorium is a valid stablecoin option for all crypto users as it is a fast, secure and stable form of payment.
Audience type 2
Responsible Businesses
Quorium is a valid stablecoin option for all companies focused reducing their carbon footprint as it is a low emission solution.
07 / market opportunity
Real World Assets Market Size [USD Trillion]
Real World Assets Market Size [USD Trillion]
Real Estate
Investment Funds
Private Equity
Public Equity
Collectibles & Art
Entertainment & Gaming
Roland Berger Conservative Forecast - Assumes <1% of RWA will be tokenized.
Source Roland Berger
08 / Competitive Landscape
RWA tokenization is growing in popularity and the general consensus is slowly changing. As Quorium has been in this industry for over 10 years, the competitive landscape is behind. All is implemented and set to expand in 2024.
As the world is shifting, be at the forefront with Quorium
Strive for a world which is inclusive, responsible and safe.
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